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Sitting Room Collection
Orfeo sitting room

Orfeo is majestic and irreverent. Thanks to its volutes, carvings, friezes, and details Orfeo is, by far, the richest and most extroverted collection. Every detail is exalted in form and complexity. The upholstered items are opulent, florid, and sinuous. Orfeo embodies the best of the concept of Baroque especially when it comes with our timeless golden finish.

Square coffee table and three-seater sofa in gold white finish
Orfeo three-seater sofa in white gold
Detail of Orfeo rectangular coffee table.
Detail carvings in white gold of the rectangular coffee table.

The Orfeo set consists of two upholstered items, an armchair and a three-seater sofa, and two coffee tables, one rectangular and one square. The importance of the shapes of this collection makes it incomparable in terms of grandeur.


Sitting Room Collection