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Bedroom Collection
Pandora bedroom

The Pandora bedroom is imbued with that baroque tendency of wanting to demonstrate volume and appearance with abundance of friezes. Pandora is chosen by people with a refined taste. Despite the luxury and richness of the decoration, the room does not seem exaggerated or too full, because there are not unnecessary or random elements, everything is studied in detail.

Pandora double bed, pale grey with gilted profiles
Pandora night table with 3 drawers
Pandora chest of drawers, pale grey with gilted profiles details
Pandora mirror, gold leaf finish
2-door wardrobe with 2 external draweers, gold leaf finish

Wardrobes in Pandora collection are less pompous. The decorations are lighter and delicate. Mirrors and small drawers abound. The interior of such a bedroom will look like a single composition.


Bedroom Collection