Operating in the field of classic furniture since 1961, Silik propose superior collections of period furniture.
Thanks to the skillful ability of the most expert craftsmen and attention the latest design trends Silik brings atmospheres of unrivaled glamour in modern interior projects.
The inspiration for each product, from voluptuous Baroque to ineffable Louis XVI, results in charming aura in which comfort and elegance are deployed in a vast decorative range and evident in the precious traditional craft skills. Those skills go hand in hand with the most advanced production technology.
Extraordinary designs from old palaces and castles are reproduced for today’s finest homes, marrying the philosophy that excellence is not limited to an era or style, and believing that true elegance and luxury are timeless and able to span cultures, centuries and lifestyles.


Highly specialized staff have fitted and perfected the materials to the production requirements and subjected them to special ultramodern treatments in order to endow them with airy and classically beautiful shapes. Silik’s skilled workers are chosen from among the best in the business. Silik has reached an international dimension in the classic furniture sector.
This has been confirmed by prestigious contacts which have made it possible to carry out exclusive projects and to reinforce the winning mentality of the company which has led to the success of “Made in Italy” products all over the world.


Maintaining a high quality standard for our products is one of our primary purposes, which is why we are constantly looking for new technologies and innovative instruments that allow us to better organize production processes, which take place entirely within our warehouses under the control of our highly skilled workers.


All finishings require specialized skill and artistic attitude of the dedicated people: from gold and silver leaf to hand paintings and color shading.
Our craftsmen specialized in decorative handwork finish each product with care and attention to detail, respecting tastes and requests of the customer.
Thanks to these exclusive details, each piece of furniture acquires a unique value in terms of style and elegance.


We have a large network of distribution partners, nationally and internationally, which allows us to serve our customers with care all over the world.
Our showrooms and official dealers, located in the main world capitals, are among the best in the furniture sector.
To make sure we offer the best possible service, our partners are in contact with our offices in Italy on a daily basis and are constantly training to be updated on brand news.