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Dining Room Collection
Apollonia collection

The Apollonia Dining Room set consists of a large and decorated glass cabinet, a spacious and imposing sideboard, three tables with a majestic and stylish supporting leg, a chair, and an armchair. Austere compared to other collections Apollonia arrogates the charm of minimal detail in the right place. A dining room without too many frills but still charming and luxurious.

Handmade decoration detail on top of Apollonia table
1-door glass cabinet with engraved crsystals, gold leaf finish
Pearly white with gilted profiles cupboard details
Apollonia chairs, gold leaf finish

The smooth surfaces, with few decorations placed only in the right places, denote a great artistic study at the base of this set signed Silik. The details are usually embellished with patinas skilfully applied and gold leaves.


Dining Room Collection