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Bedroom Collection
Calipso single bed

Calipso is the collection of single beds par excellence: from the tufted upholstered headboards to the one in wood wisely decorated according to the client’s request, from the upholstered bed frame to the suspended nightstand. The set Calipso also has five closets from the smallest to three doors up to a real majestic wardrobe with six doors.

Calipso night table detail in brilliant white gold finish
Calipso bed with wall-mounted night table and night table with drawer
4-door wardrobe, 2 carved central doors and 2 mirrors inside
Chest of 7-drawers, brilliant white gold finish
6-doors wardrobe with 3 drawers and 2 mirrors inside

There is only an embarrassment of choice for the single bed suitable for the needs of the customer. Everything can be made to fit every sweet dream so that even the bedrooms can be luxurious, important, and special.


Bedroom Collection